'Note' on the go

Sick of finding ancient, scrunched-up Post-it® Notes at the bottom of your bag? Tired of scrabbling for a pen? Wish you had your trusted Post-its when you are away from your desk?

Introducing NoteShel, the stylish yet protective all-in-one refillable Post-it® Note holder that enables you to write notes while you’re on the go.

Versatile, fashionable pocket Note-Pad and pen for note-writing

Perfect for writing notes on the move

The NoteShel is designed for long-term use; gone are the days when you had to throw away dog-eared notebooks every few months. You can replenish the NoteShel with Post-it® Notes, and the high-quality pen with a ball-point refill. The durable, protective casing keeps the sticky notes smooth and in one place for when you need them.

Pen, pad and protective case

The distinctive pen adds a touch of class, and the refill can be replaced; it has been designed for long-term use, and its magnetic casing keeps it securely attached to the NoteShel. The NoteShel’s smooth, sturdy, rubber casing makes for a comfortable writing experience, and its durable, polished shell protects and neatly encapsulates the classic Post-It® Notes (standard 3” x 5”), protecting them whilst on the move. The NoteShel fits neatly into your pocket or bag, making it the perfect note-writing solution at work, at home, for studying, and on the go.

Discover NoteShel

Versatile note pad holder uses sticky Post-it Notes

Notebook pen for note-taking in meetings

Distinctive Pen

Quality, refillable pen

British designed note-pad with integrated pen

Ergonomic Design

Perfect for making notes on the move

Noteshel folding note-pad case and notebook holder

Folding Case

Protective, stylish case

Stylish note-pad and pen for Work or University

British Design

Product designed in Great Britain

pocket size Post-It Note holder note pad


Perfect for desk, pocket or bag

Five colours to choose from

The NoteShel comes in five classic colours: fresh green, dusky purple, pale blue, flame orange and fuchsia pink. Each colour comes with a matching pen. Choose your favourite here .

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new colour dropsPocket-size note-pad case/holder and pen

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Vibrant green Post-It Note holder accessory with pen

Fresh Green

Low key yet classy, this versatile NoteShel casing will look at home anywhere.

Pink Post-It Note holder accessory with pen

Fuchsia Pink

If you need a pop of colour in your day, choose our fuchsia pink NoteShel, designed to grab the eye.

Purple Post-It Note holder accessory with pen

Dusky Purple

Subtly glamorous, this intriguing shade speaks of long lunches and lazy afternoons. Well, it’s nice to dream...

Pocket size note-pad case accessory with pen

Pale Blue

An instant happy lift on the most frantic of days, this colour is fun and functional.

Refillable note-pad for note taking at work, college or uni

Flame Orange

Cool and vibrant, this tantalising shade is smart and refreshing.