NoteShel Index Card Holder: The Lowdown

We call it our, “Elegant Note Taking Solution”. The ergonomically-designed real leather note holder comes with a stylish, high quality pen that fits snuggly and securely into its holster, thanks to precision engineering. Storing your note within your holder or leaving important instructions could not be easier. Online notes are only for you or someone you can email. NoteShel moves from taking notes to making messages at a moment’s notice. It puts you right back in control of the multitude of daily decisions we all face and leaves behind a paper trail of your choices for others to follow.
NoteShel Small

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If you cannot fit it on a Post-It Note you cannot fit it in your day

Do you start the day with a To Do List only to find at the end of the day it was longer than when you began?

To Do List on Post It Note 2

The thing with To Do Lists is that you continue to add items to the bottom of the list before you have completed the items at the top of the list.

Imagine your To Do List on a blank sheet of paper, that is big, but there is still a limit, there is only a certain amount you can fit on that one page and you will subconsciously limit the items that can fit on the page. Now imagine an app on your phone or laptop that tracks your To Do List, there are no limits, no bounds, you can keep on adding to your To Do List and you probably never come across some of the items tucked up in the corners of your application it is possible that the most important items will just get lost in the sea of “also to do’s”.

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Take notes effectively – with Origami note-taking

A systematic note taking style can prove highly valuable - but only if you are executing it correctly. You may find that boring linear notes do not help you retain information, and are nothing more than pages of words.

Origami Note Central Image
Origami note-taking may be the solution. This unfortunately doesn’t involve folding your notes into ornate swans or other magical critters. The process involves folding your paper strategically in order to get the best out of your notes. 

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NoteShel Post-It Note Holder Launched at London Stationery Show

The pioneering NoteShel – the note-taking product which is a must-have addition to any stationery kit – has been honoured by a team of independent panellists at this year’s London Stationery Show, where it launched for the first time.

London Stationery Awards
The NoteShel went on sale to excited buyers at the two-day event, and the clear highlight was when the product was commended by the judges as part of the annual awards ceremony at the exhibition. The judges were made up of buyers from some of the UK’s leading stationery retailers like Paperchase and WH Smith; they reviewed more than 250 products throughout the exhibition, and decided that the innovative NoteShel was worthy of a special mention in the highly competitive ‘Filing and Storage’ category.

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A Business Analysis Solution that really sticks

Business analysis is an integral part of all business strategy - whether you are a large corporate or a small start-up. Analysis allows you to identify your business’ needs and determine solutions to any problems. A true business analyst needs a full set of tools alongside the skills and knowledge to use the process to their advantage. 

Post-it Notes are arguably the ideal tools for analysis – allowing a business to visually map out their business strategy.

Business Analysis Post It Note Diagram

Image: Bridging the Gap

Follow these eight steps to achieve a successful business analysis

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