What does your Post-it colour say about you?

What Colour Post It

Colour psychology examines the direct influence that colour has on human behaviour. An individual’s colour preferences reveal a great deal about their personality and state of mind, with colour often influencing an action or belief. This post examines what your choice of Post-it Note may say about you, and how it could be affecting your daily routine - particularly at work.


Mellow yellow

Those who choose yellow sticky notes are likely to possess a logical skill set. They have a great imagination which they use to inspire the creativity of others. With a good business head and strong sense of humour, yellow users are mentally adventurous and largely successful in what they set out to achieve. They possess a need for logical order with an ability to express individuality when generating new ideas.

Gentle green

Green Post-it Note users are likely to be community-minded, working well as part of a team, always striving for the success of the wider-community. Green symbolises hope, renewal and peace, meaning gentle and sincere individuals usually favour the colour. Green Post-it users are refined, civilised and reputable in all that they do, making ambitious and successful business professionals.

Passionate pink

Pink sticky note users are deeply passionate and caring, striving for the best possible outcome in all situations. They often seek protection and guidance from others, as they fear making a mistake that could be detrimental to their team. Their charming nature means that they make great work colleagues and team players. They are career-driven and want to be accepted as an integral part of their chosen field.

Outlandish orange

Orange is the colour of luxury, appealing to flamboyant and fun-loving individuals. Orange Post-it Note users are likely to be good-natured and popular, with the ability to get their opinion heard, although they tend to agree with others. They possess a curious mind, intrigued by challenging situations due to their strong sense of fearlessness and adventure.

So: did we get it right?

Did any of these Post-it Note colour descriptions resonate with your personality? Which colour personality do you think you have?

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