Protect your sticky notes with a stylish Post-it Note holder


We are all used to finding screwed up Post-it Notes and pieces of paper in our coat pockets or at the bottom of our handbag or briefcase. Either this, or you lose them entirely.

So how can you protect your Post-it notes, keeping them intact for later use? Finding a solution to this problem inspired us to design NoteShel.

A sturdy yet stylish filing solution

Instead of having to search through all your possessions in attempt to find that one crumpled little sticky note, neatly store your Post-it Notes in a solid Post-it Note holder like the NoteShel. The firm rubber and plastic holder will keep notes smooth and undamaged.

Take note on the go

Not only does a sturdy Post-it Note holder ensure that your notes are protected, it means that you can take them with you – useful for those of us with jobs that take us away from our desks. With a post-it note holder, you can carry your Post-it Notes with you without losing or damaging them in transit.

As practical as a notebook, but more stylish

Using a protective Post-it Note holder is an excellent alternative to more traditional bound notebooks. Post-it Notes are far more flexible and versatile. Sticky notes are easy to distribute with peers and are the perfect tool for sharing ideas, using them in brainstorming sessions, for example.

Protect your Post-its with a NoteShel

Wish you had a way to protect your Post-it Notes? NoteShel is a stylish Post-it Note holder and pen – perfect for protecting your Post-it Notes. Retain a sense of style with this elegant note-taking solution – it won’t look out of place in any designer handbag or briefcase.

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Check Out the NoteShel Product Video

We have produced a NoteShel product video showing the great design features of the NoteShel product, check it out on YouTube here: