Post-it Notes: Does size matter?


Post-it Notes come in an array of shapes and sizes, each with different uses and capabilities. Every office is likely to have a selection of sticky notes scattered around desks and hidden under paperwork. This post will give you some top tips how to use the various Post-it Notes you have laying around to your advantage.

 Mark your place: Small Post-It Notes

Mark your Place Post It Note

This small Post-it is the perfect solution for highlighting a particular excerpt in a book or publication and if you don’t want to deface your book or scrawl all over an article. Also try colour coding different passages to indicate key themes or ideas. This strategy is particularly useful for students who are attempting to annotate a journal article or are planning an essay. In a non-academic sense – these Post-its also make great temporary bookmarks.

Brainstorming and collaborative aids: Square Post-it Notes

 Post-It Notes for Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a well-established business tool and one which is advocated by the likes of Richard Branson. Post-it Notes of all sizes can be used to form the structure of your mind map or brainstorm. Distribute square Post-its to the group, and get each participant to write a single idea on a sticky note. These can then be stuck around a central theme, or colour coded in order to illustrate different concepts. 

One for the list makers: Rectangular Post-it Notes

Post-It Note To Do List

 For those prolific list makers among us, the rectangular sticky notes are your best bet. Write lists to your heart’s content and stick them all over your home or office. Lists make for a more organised lifestyle and help you to plan out your day. It’s important, however, to ensure that your list isn’t too long. Limiting your day to the size of a Post-it Note can help to boost workplace productivity.

Make your annotations less intimidating: small square Post-it Notes

Annotations with Post It Notes

Instead of defacing someone’s work completely, struggling to fit all your comments onto the page, why not use Post-it Notes? Sticky notes make sure that your ideas are legible and stand out. They ensure that you don’t have to squeeze your notes onto the side of the page, making your annotations seem far less intimidating and much more user-friendly.

 So, which size Post-it Notes are best?

There is no right or wrong answer. All sticky notes can be used to help improve your productivity and organisation in some way. Note-taking is an individual process; you need to find a solution that best suits your personal preferences.

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