Take notes effectively – with Origami note-taking

A systematic note taking style can prove highly valuable - but only if you are executing it correctly. You may find that boring linear notes do not help you retain information, and are nothing more than pages of words.

Origami Note Central Image
Origami note-taking may be the solution. This unfortunately doesn’t involve folding your notes into ornate swans or other magical critters. The process involves folding your paper strategically in order to get the best out of your notes. 

Why fold my notes?

Origami note-taking not only helps to structure your notes effectively – it also transforms them into a powerful tool for quizzing and reviewing information.

The method can be used for exam revision in an academic setting or in the workplace if you’re trying to memorise important statistics for a presentation. It’s a versatile solution that can be used to your advantage.

How does it work?

In order to take note in this format, you need to first divide your note-writing surface into three distinct sections, as shown below:

Origami Note How Does It Work

Using this layout, you then divide the sections into three categories:

Keywords: this section is for information such as names, dates, titles, key concepts

Notes: this section is used to elaborate the keywords, providing more information on the concepts or topic

Reviews: this section is then used to ask questions, outline key points or answer and ponder any unknowns or missing pieces of information

Here is a basic example of origami note-taking:

Origami Note Example