NoteShel Index Card Holder: The Lowdown

We call it our, “Elegant Note Taking Solution”. The ergonomically-designed real leather note holder comes with a stylish, high quality pen that fits snuggly and securely into its holster, thanks to precision engineering. Storing your note within your holder or leaving important instructions could not be easier. Online notes are only for you or someone you can email. NoteShel moves from taking notes to making messages at a moment’s notice. It puts you right back in control of the multitude of daily decisions we all face and leaves behind a paper trail of your choices for others to follow.
NoteShel Small

NoteShel: One Less Thing To Worry About

2 smlFor busy executives, when time is money, vital facts need deep thought. The NoteShel philosophy gives focus to scattered ideas and adds an extra layer of thought to the daily roller coaster ride of business. Writing our ideas down is a chance to pause and think before taking action. An email sent in haste can be tough to retrieve, but a NoteShel note gives you time to pause and reflect before taking action: a vital moment to draw breath and think through the next step.

NoteShel: Think Deeper

In the highly competitive business world, marginal gains come only to those who organise themselves most effectively. Your Outlook calendar synchronizes and circulates your working day, but you haven't had a moment to evaluate the queue of commitments it signed you up to. NoteShel puts you back in control of your commitments and helps you be prepared every time.

Noteshel: Elegance never goes out of fashion

With our real leather case and stylish, high quality ballpoint pen, not only do you make the most of every moment, but you make a strident statement. Life is organised on your terms, to the highest standards: you rejoice at the fact that your NoteShel sits safely in your inner pocket.

Use Cases:

Noteshel: Make The Most Of Every Moment

Commuter SmallCasting your eye over a busy London commuter train jammed with busy executives tapping away on their smartphones, one passenger stands out from the crowd. She is calmly processing in her mind the busy business waiting for her in England's capital. As extra details come to mind, she casually reaches into her jacket and pulls out her vibrant, NoteShel Index Card holder to capture her thoughts before seamlessly returning to her calm mental filing.


NoteShel: Follow Your Own Path

London Bridge SmallWalking across London Bridge, an army of IPhone scanners flick feverishly between streams of ever changing information. With his to-do list finalised and thought through, he is free to stroll the stunning capital as he processes his busy day ahead. Rather than react to every changing moment, he knows his tasks are tucked away in his suit to scaffold his day. Now he can focus on maximising every meeting, by arriving full of focus and fully refreshed.