Visualize your business model with Post-it Notes

In a crowded market, it’s important to stand out from your competitors. A well-planned business model can ensure that you generate unique ideas, helping to facilitate any future business developments. 

A tool for visionaries, game changers and challengers 

The Business Model Canvas is a strategic management outline for developing new or existing business models. It’s a simple graphical template, describing nine essential components. The individual elements prompt consideration of a business’ full potential, while the layout encourages thought about how the pieces fit together. 

So what are the different elements, and how do they contribute to your company’s business model? 

Seven alternative uses for Post-it Notes

We’ve already seen how Post-it Notes can be used in the workplace. They are a tried and tested note-writing solution, used on a daily basis, both at home and at work.

However, there is a lot more to these stationery giants than you might think; they don’t just have to be used for writing reminders and to-do lists. Here are seven alternate uses for sticky notes that everyone should try for themselves. 

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Four ways the humble Post-it Note can boost workplace productivity

In this digital age, paper-based organisation tools are somewhat overlooked. Emphasis is now being placed on the Internet and technology as the solution for boosting workplace productivity. This post seeks to dispel this myth, arguing that your future success may in fact lie with the humble Post-it Note. 


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Five achievable resolutions for a productive new year

Didn't achieve everything you hoped to in 2014?
That novel never really got started, your desk is a state and your house still looks like a bombsite months after the big move... sound familiar? There's still hope for you!
Many people have a fear of getting organised, that they won't have time or that they won't achieve their aims. But being more organised and productive in your life can be completely painless, and lead to a fulfilling new year.
Here are five achievable resolutions you can make to have a happy, productive new year!
Post-It Note To Do List

You only need to make tiny changes to your routine to prompt real change, and once your new habits take hold you won't miss the old ones. This could be getting up ten minutes earlier, eating breakfast at work instead of home, or simply spending five minutes a day keeping your desk tidy – small, incremental changes that can have a significant impact on your organisation and productivity.

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How can sketchnoting help me at work?

Sketchnoting is a visual form of note-taking, building upon creativity and illustrations. It is a highly unrestrictive form of note-taking, encompassing drawings, obscure lettering, colours, arrows, boxes and more.

Sketchnoting is an effective, versatile and fun note-taking system, which is why it’s being used more frequently within business environments. It can help you engage with meetings and better retain information – especially if you prefer a visual learning style.

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