NoteShel launches revolutionary note-taking product

The brand new NoteShel note-taking device is now available for purchase

The exciting new note-taking device NoteShel, eagerly awaited by stationery fans on Twitter and Facebook, is now on sale in the UK.

HGS-1 Amazon purple packaging
The NoteShel is a colourful, compact and protective note-taking device, containing Post-it Notes and a matching refillable pen. Following months of research and development, NoteShel finalised its design and began to produce stock this summer, finally going on sale last week – just in time for Christmas.

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Seven ways to achieve business brilliance with brainstorming

In an interview with Entrepreneur Magazine, Richard Branson stated that: “When you face a problem and are groping for answers, brainstorming is a great way to harness your staff’s collective knowledge in order to come up with innovative solutions”. This post will outline how you can achieve greater success in your business meetings through productive brainstorming.

Brainstorm low res

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Seven ways to perfect your revision note-taking strategy


Effective note-taking can be essential to your academic success – especially when it comes down to revising for important exams. Note-taking helps you to focus on what is important, allowing you to understand and retain information, whilst also creating subconscious links with related content.

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Find a note-taking system that works for you

Writing notes comes down to preference; different systems suit different styles.
You may have just gone back to school, started your degree, or face having to get back into work mode after a long relaxing holiday. Whatever your situation, it’s time to sit up and take note. Note-taking can help you succeed academically and within a business environment.

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Note take like a great: tips from famous note-takers

Taking notes helps us remember important things

Many of society’s most famed movers and shakers have been avid note takers, and no wonder; taking notes helps all of us to organise our thoughts and record vital information at work, at school, at university, or on the go. The following famous figures from past and present have used note taking as a tool for aiding their successes; emulate their techniques for superior note taking.

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