Note take like a great: tips from famous note-takers

Taking notes helps us remember important things

Many of society’s most famed movers and shakers have been avid note takers, and no wonder; taking notes helps all of us to organise our thoughts and record vital information at work, at school, at university, or on the go. The following famous figures from past and present have used note taking as a tool for aiding their successes; emulate their techniques for superior note taking.

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Ten ways to improve your note taking

Notes at work

When done correctly, note taking can improve your memory, enhance your performance and even make your job easier. When you’ve never really taken notes before it can be difficult knowing where to begin, so we’ve outlined ten ways to make sure you’re getting the most out of the exercise.

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The NoteShel Story

Refillable pocket-size Post-it Note Holder and Pen

NoteShel is a stylish, refillable Post-it® Note holder and pen. It’s the perfect note-writing solution at work, at home, for studying, and on the go.

Baldev Singh, NoteShel’s inventor, came up with the concept of the refillable Post-it® Note holder and pen when, tired of finding crumpled Post-its in his pockets and never having a pen to hand, he found himself wishing he had a portable, refillable note-writing solution for home, work and on the move. NoteShel was born.

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Six ways note taking makes your job easier

The elegant, professional note-taking solution - Noteshel

Note taking is often overlooked, and yet it could make your job so much easier. How?

It Boosts Your Image

Taking notes at work and in meetings sends a powerful message to those around you. It demonstrates that you’re listening, engaged, and processing the discussion – and also reassures your colleagues that the information they’re volunteering is important and valued, especially if you are able to recall their comments from your notes in later meetings. In this way, note taking can improve your working relationships with your colleagues.

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