Post-it Notes: Does size matter?


Post-it Notes come in an array of shapes and sizes, each with different uses and capabilities. Every office is likely to have a selection of sticky notes scattered around desks and hidden under paperwork. This post will give you some top tips how to use the various Post-it Notes you have laying around to your advantage.

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Protect your sticky notes with a stylish Post-it Note holder


We are all used to finding screwed up Post-it Notes and pieces of paper in our coat pockets or at the bottom of our handbag or briefcase. Either this, or you lose them entirely.

So how can you protect your Post-it notes, keeping them intact for later use? Finding a solution to this problem inspired us to design NoteShel.

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Five tips for making exam revision easier

Are you facing with a sea of Spring and Summer exams?  No matter what stage of your education you find yourself, it’s crucial to have a good revision strategy. This post will give you a few simple tips as to how you can make your revision easier and more effective, including how to use Post-It Notes for revision.  

Exam Revision Post It Note

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What does your Post-it colour say about you?

What Colour Post It

Colour psychology examines the direct influence that colour has on human behaviour. An individual’s colour preferences reveal a great deal about their personality and state of mind, with colour often influencing an action or belief. This post examines what your choice of Post-it Note may say about you, and how it could be affecting your daily routine - particularly at work.


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Seven uses for Post-it Notes in the workplace

Do you have hundreds of sticky notes hanging around your office or hidden under a pile of paperwork? You're note alone - we're all guilty of jotting down something for later and immediately misplacing it.

But what can the humble Post-it Note be used for, beyond writing reminders and to-do lists? Here are a few tricks you can try out for yourself.

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